Sunday, December 30, 2012

Airport Photos

Sorry it took so long, but here are some pictures from when John left for the MTC. They are a little out of order. If you are interested in emailing him, his email is He heads off to the Ohio, Columbus Mission on January 2. 
An Artsy Shot of present missionary and future missionary...

Elder Crawford looking spiffy and ready to go

Elder Crawford and Elder...for the life of me, I can't remember his last name, but his first name is Thomas. John and he met  at Pomeroy's prepping for their respective missions, and they hit it off. Thomas is headed for the Kentucky, Louisville Mission. Good luck to both of them!

Fist Bump (plus awesome photo bomb!)

Final steps to the MTC...

John and Mom: Goodbye!!!

John and Dad

John and Hanako

John and Mom

John and Seth (note Seth's look- he really missed his brother already)

John and Yoko

Security Check

Check In

Family Photo

Brothers' Goodbye

John and Daniel

Elder Crawford ready to report!

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