Monday, June 17, 2013

Elder Crawford and the Cincinnati Skyline
For Jaime!- Happy Fathers Day!

hey! Im now in Cherry Grove, Cincinnati! I am officially part of the Cincinnati mission. My comp is Elder Barnett from Ogden, Utah. The ward and this area is are awesome! Motab was awesome as well. I got to see alot of my recent converts there! The work here is going great as well. We have a baptism Thursday and then 3 more next Saturday! Next week I will send more info about my week. Give my love to the family. I will send a letter soon! Thanks for being such a wonderful support to me. Love you lots

my mini, Nathan Jensen and I

June 17, 2013

Hello my friends and family! I hope all is well!
This past week has been intense. As a mission, we saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir up in Columbus. It was so amazing and we really felt the spirit. With this past transfer, I am out of Kentucky and into Cincinnati. My new area is Cherry Grove! It is still just as green and beautiful as the Kentuck! The work here is booming. We have a baptism this Thursday and 3 more the following Saturday. We are doing some amazing work out here. We are very excited about the mission split! The mission will open July 1st and we are ready to go to work! Thanks for all that you do for me! I love and miss you all! May God Bless!!!
                                                                                                Elder John Allan Crawford

Sunday, June 16, 2013


So John's blog is now caught up. It was too time consuming to do the back and forth so I took the kids' advice and just posted his photos and longer emails. I'm looking forward to hearing from him tomorrow to find out his new location. I will continue to do my best to keep this up from now on. It's sooooooooo much easier and you all won't be subjected to my mini novels. Til next time!!

Michiko Medina

Hey, This week is going to be super busy. Transfers and motab and my mini and I are driving up to Columbus....because im getting transfered. Monday I will let you know whats going on. Love you lots.

June 6th 2013
Hello world, Hope you’re listening! Forgive me for not having an update last week. We have been so busy. We have had more baptisms and we plan to have more along the way! This coming week is going to be super stellar. We are hosting mini (prospective) missionaries and for a week they will be our companions. We are also going to Columbus to go see !MoTab! Then the following day is transfers, and so on. You see how busy I have been! We had a baptism last Wednesday night! It was exciting to see another spirit sibling enter the waters of Baptism and be cleansed from sin. We have another planned for the 15th. In this part of the mission, the work is progressing by storm! I’m certain I will be part of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission come July 1st. Thanks again for all the continued love and support! I hope all is well. Take care!   -Elder John Allan Crawford

Hey, I'm doing well! The baptism was awesome!!! It was also her birthday so it gave us a chance to goof off a little bit:) But, overall it was a spiritual and momentous occasion! How was the  trek? I still remember mine and it was amazing. I learned so much!!! Marks a TM, huh? Bummer! No matter what, Jaime will always be the Worlds Best Supervisor!!! So how did your first session go? I bet you did awesome! Thanks again for looking out for me, no joke, it means a lot. Just remember when life starts to consume you, Reading the scriptures and prayer go a really long way!
So this next week I will host a mini missionary and we are going to see MoTab! Pretty crazzy!!! Their is just so much going on. My Comps and other missionaries call me a baptizing machine, ha ha. I just try my best! We have a few more set for the 15th. Also, this might make you laugh! Last Friday, we had to take a mandatory bike day in our area. It had to be the day where there was heavy rain and it was gross. We biked 11 miles! On the way back to the apartment, I tried jumping a curb and biffed it. I slid on the wet asphalt for about 10ft. Surprisingly, I only scratched up my elbow. Oh the joy of bike days!
Well, I love you and hope to hear from you soon! Give my love to the family!
I also caught a snake hahah

Hey! SO Much to say and not alot of time! Thats crazy that Ross and Paul are going but it will be a humbling experience for them. We are having another baptism this Wednesday night. The work is so great out here that I am practically speechless. I'm just trying to stay busy and be a good example. One of these days, I'm just going to do a picture splurge and take a mass amount.
Im glad to hear Jaime is doing awesome! Ward missionaries are our best friends!!!!, especially when they are willing to work! I used to teach that class every Sunday in my last area. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to sub the 15 -18 year old class in Sunday school. It really made me miss Seth and Yoko  Im glad to hear that they will be trekking soon. It was so tiring, yet so fun! They will enjoy it:) 

Congrats on landing the job! soon you be helping so many look good and feel better about themselves! Keep up the good work, and no your not a failure, your a MOTHER!!! I love you lots!

Hey! I got the stuff out last Monday! Man, the missionaries must love our family! Are you giving them good referrals? Out here, we don't get fed as much compared to when i was in Dayton, but Im surviving:) Well it sounds like everything that's exciting sounds like its going on out there. My allergies, which I thought I didn't have, are flaring like crazy out here. That aller-clear really does help though! 
What did you find out about why India and I are such great friend?, cuz I don't even know lol. Thanks for that you do for me, honestly. There is no possible way to pay you and Jaime back for all the sacrifices you make for me. I love you lots!!!!

May 20, 2013
This past week has been crazy! We had an awesome Saturday with two baptisms! Out here in Northern Kentucky the Lords work is progressing like crazy! Within the next two weeks, we will have two more! It’s starting to warm up here, and with that comes the humidity! My allergies have been acting up, but I’m surviving! All I can say is that I have been truly blessed as a missionary to be part of such a great work as this!
                Until next time, I hope the Lord continues to bless us all with missionary opportunities. Coming all the way from the Promised Land,
                                                                                Elder John Allan Crawford


Thanks mom! I love you so much! My address is 278 Battery Ct. Apt.34, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 and I should be there for a good while. Thanks for all that you do. It was awesome hearing from you and the family! :)

Hello my wonderful friends and family!

I hope all is well! Happy late mothers day! Yesterday I was able to call home and hear from my awesome family. I can tell you, its such a wonderful feeling to know how much you can impact everyone's lives. It is an honor and a privilege to have so many great and awesome friends and family! Thanks for all that you do!
Out here in the KY, we have 2 more baptisms this coming Saturday! I love this area. The weather is beautiful and everything is green! I'm not too excited about the humidity though, because i am going to sweat like a pig, lol. But its worth it! I am serving my Heavenly Father well and I know He is proud of me!!!!!
I love each and everyone one of you! Thanks for all the continued love and support!

With mucho love,
Elder John Allan Crawford
May 6, 2013
                Hello, my wonderful friends and family! I hope all is well!
So here’s an update for you! I am out of Fairborn/Dayton, Ohio and now in (drum roll!!!!!!)Ft Mitchell, Kentucky! It’s pretty awesome! My 2 comps, Elder Daw and Elder Steglich, are the ZLS for Cincinnati. They practically treat me like a ZL too. Plus, since they are going home in 2 transfers, they have been becoming more relaxed. I have the job to keep them focused!
                The work out here is booming and its really awesome to be part of it! I love and miss you all! Thanks for all the support. May God continue to bless!
Elder John Allan Crawford

 how early is it out there? and i guess my mission will be considered the Cincinnati mission haha

Kentucky is beautiful, almost all green! wow! just as busy as ever! There is so much I wish I can say, but we will talk on mothers day! Give my love to the family !!!!!!!!!

May 1st 2013
Hello my wonderful friends and family! I hope all is wellJ
Being a missionary is so amazing! You get to see people’s lives change first hand! The Lord truly knows where he needs us! Today, I received news that I am being transferred out of the Fairborn and Dayton YSA area tomorrow. It’s very bittersweet! I have grown so close to the people I have met so far. After four and a half months (3 transfers) I guess it’s time to go.
The lord has truly blessed me in this area. With the help of my companion, and God of course, I have been able to help 7 of our brothers and sisters enter the waters of baptism and help them receive a remission of their sins! How cool is that?!?
Feel free to send any questions and/or comments you might have. I would love to hear from you! Thanks for all the love and support! May God bless!!!!!
                                                                                                Elder John Allan Crawford


how are you doing anything new going on? I havent got the package yet, but im cool about that. guess what? we are having another baptism this saturday and out of the 3, I was asked to baptize the mother!

Its lost somewhere out here in fairborn! Tell her I said hello! and awesome!!!!!!!! Congrats! I knew you could do it. Brother Lyon sent me a letter. They ran in the Boston marathon! I heard about the bombings. Are they okay?

(Just an aside- his Easter care package disappeared along with all his tax papers. It was never found "lost in fairborn", but everything is working out of course...)

Just wanted to say I love you! We had another baptism and I had the privilege of doing that as well. Zac, who was baptized 3 weeks ago, now has the Aaronic priesthood! Its pretty amazing to see the wonders of this gospel in action! I will most likely write a letter. Happy birthday to Hanako!!!!! Give my love to the family!!!!!

Man, so much, so much, so much!! So many things have been going on! We have been busy like crazy!!

I haven't received any mail in the past 2 weeks, but I am hoping that today I will be blessed with some!

Thanks for noticing my love for the wonderful !point! Iwas able to watch all sessions! And I loved it. President Uchtdorfs talk on Hope of Gods Light was really powerful! So many of the world today are living in darkness, we can be those to bring them to the light! The Prophet and Apostles are our guardians on the watchtower, preparing us against satans cunning attacks. May we doubt not, fear not, because the lord will always be on our side!

I am glad to hear that you are doing okay!!! Always keep yourself around positive influences that build your faith, just like Elder Holland, "When your tree of faith is weak, you can lean on mine!"

I love you so much! Give my love to the family!- Elder Crawford

My time is short, but I will send another letter!

Yeah, I have been hitting some rough patches, but I am getting by:) And nope, I am still in Fairborn and the Dayton YSA area. Elder Housari and I will be together for 4 and half months. Its crazy to be with someone day in and day out but we are learning to love each other. We have had some good times together at least. 3 baptisms in 3 months, its pretty neat. This past Saturday I had the privilege to baptize Zac! It was epically awesome!!!! We were both completely drenched hahaha.

How was Easter? Ours was pretty well. We read a lot from the new testament(John mostly) and went tracting!!!!!! Fun stuff right? lol

So yeah, I heard from Jordan! Her and Jesse are still going through some rough patches huh? Oh well, that's Jo!

Thanks for all the thoughts and wisdom you share with me and thank you for all the prayers. I love you so much and I am so happy to have you and Jaime as my parents. Give my love to the whole family and let them know I am doing well! Love, Your Elder Crawford

P.S- Have you had a chance to update the blog?
Woah!!!!!!!!!! So much stuff going on! Glad to hear the family is working. North Carolina for Bluebell? Sweet!! Hopefully a promotion soon though, right? Give Jaime(ghetto santa) a big hug for me!!! Oh, thanks, Im pretty damn proud of me myself< humbling myself> I am so thankful for all the love and support I have been getting. Some days I just want to quit... but Jesus Christ didn't.. He was the perfect example, and I will follow in his steps.

Seth got his license???? GOOD FOR HIM LOL. Now he can go and run errands haha, I miss those times! Thats great about him staying active in the church. As a missionary, we see the downfall of inactivity. Keep pressure on Seth and Yoko. The key of going to church is to renew those promises we all made at baptism. So how is that brashy girl doing? Is she still going to church with seth?

Yoko is awesome!!!! let her know I said that. She is an inspiration and she doesn't even know it. How is she doing with dads whole wedding thing? Give her a big hug for me and tell her that I love her!!!

Im so proud of Danny and Hanako for growing in faith. Prayer is always there, to help us build a stronger relationship with our heavenly father. Tell them I love them and I thank them for all the prayers!

I hope the best for Jordan and Jesse. I hope they figure things out now because its only getting worse! I hope she writes me sometime.

As for our Dad. Just like a Buddha board, Im letting it go. If he is happy, let him be happy. Hopefully he will quit being so stubborn and want to be in his children's lives!

This week has been pretty hectic. I am no longer a trainee. My 3 months of training are over. Tomorrow is transfers and we still don't know whose staying or going! Its pretty frustrating! Its crazy to think that I have been in the field 3 months. I feel like I have grown attached to this area, and that is the scary part about transfers. But on the flip side, I will get by!

Its crazy to think that all my friends are serving missions!! Good for Cody!! Im so proud of that kid! Today we went to the Dayton Art Institute with Zack, Who is getting baptized on the 30th. He is one special dude. When we talk, its like we are brothers(even though he is 8 years older than me) I really hope I stay to be there for him.

Hopefully soon i will get to start training, but only time will tell. MOM, i just want to let you know how much i truly love you!!! Your an inspiration to me and what I do. I talk about you and the family with PRIDE!!!! Lots of it!!!!! Thank you for not giving up on me. You keep up the hard work out there and I will do the same here!!!

With much Love and Respect- Elder Crawford( Your Buckeye Son)

I got the package!!!!!!!!!! I love the card. Things out here are still going! its been pretty hectic though. it just seems like we never have time to just take everything in. Besides that, everything has been good. My weight is in check and i am eating healthy. When we go to the store i buy chicken, brown rice, oatmeal, and fat free milk, and about 6 dozen eggs. those are my staples!
Today we went to a farm in vandelia(Dayton). It was pretty interesting since we were wearing our suits. It was quite muddy. The animals were fun, especially this goat.
I will start writing letters home again every 2 weeks(by hand). So how is everyone doing? hope to hear from you soon!!!


Hello my wonderful mom! 7 days of work!!!! Thats me everyday haha:) I am glad to hear you are doing well though. Today was pretty amazing. As a zone, we went to the Columbus Temple. My 2nd official endowment session. The Celestial room is always so beautiful. I love the feeling the spirit brings into my soul. So check this out, I am writing to a Sister missionary  who is serving in San Antonio, Texas. We were in the same District in the MTC. She is really out there haha, being on the Mexican border and all.

The work is still moving out here. We have another baptism this Saturday, for a 9 year old named Sophia. She is our little homie. Her brother is in the YSA branch we serve in so we know their whole family pretty well. I get along pretty well with the whole ward. The bishopric and branch presidency are pretty cool. Fairborn has a small town vibe for being a pretty big city.

You must be a good missionary when you dream about missionary work. This past month has been dreams about teaching people the gospel. Its pretty freaky haha. But I am still getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

Heres something new that I did. My zone leader, Elder Smith, and I wrestled last night for fun. Boy I am out of shape, becuase we were both gasping for air after. I love my zone and my district. We all bring variety to our meetings. They are always filled with fun and the spirit.

How is the family? What big news has happened these past few months that I have been gone? I love you so much and I pray for you guys all the time. When should I be expecting a care package from you guys? lol. Keep me posted and if you can, could you load up my debit card?! I am trying not to spend any more money from my personal account. Have you heard from Davonna at all?? You should try contacting her for me. I would love to hear from her!! Whenever I get bored or homesick ( which doesn't happen often) I like to re-read all the letters that I have received. I keep them all.

This Monday we are going back to yellow-springs as a district so I hope to have more pictures to send soon. Be prepared to see some funky pictures. We are a pretty weird district. ooh, guess what? This catholic girl named Melanie bought my a Rasta-style beanie. I think she is trying to convert us to Catholicism but its not working ha ha. Thats my updated report for this week.

I plan to write more Monday!!!! I love this work and the people I am working with. Its not easy but its not too hard!!! I love my calling to the MAX!!!!!!!! Take care and I hope this sees you well!

 Oh yeah, we went to visit Uncle Craig in Dayton. He is pretty cool but he is just as crazy as grandpa