Sunday, December 30, 2012

The moment you've all been waiting from the MTC!!!

John sent lots of pictures so I picked and chose a few...Enjoy!

Elder Crawford and Elder Spaulding, his companion at the MTC

Ahhhh... this is how I remember my son!

Random thought: Elder Spaulding is a southpaw just like Elder Crawford. Total randomness...

Laundry. Just like home.

Are you like me? I just look at the snow in these pictures, and I can just imagine how cold it is. What a change from the mild winters and the scorching summer heat here in Arizona. But John did get prepped from his job at Blue Bell Creameries- he spent hours in the freezer hauling ice cream. The Lord knows how to prep his servants!

I know that he is excited about heading off to his mission this week. He'll be going from cold to cold again. Lucky him. But in his letters, he is just so excited about his time at the MTC: "I'm learning so much!! I'm preparing to teach the gospel. I am meeting so many people. There are over 2000 missionaries here at the MTC. Oh, it's been snowing like crazy on and off here. Plus it's been freezing, so yeah the coat does help (thanks, Julie!)...I am doing great out here and I can't wait till I get to Ohio. There are souls that need saving...I am the Lord's servant, and this work is true! How great is my calling!" Go, Elder Crawford!

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