Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yeah, I have been hitting some rough patches, but I am getting by:) And nope, I am still in Fairborn and the Dayton YSA area. Elder Housari and I will be together for 4 and half months. Its crazy to be with someone day in and day out but we are learning to love each other. We have had some good times together at least. 3 baptisms in 3 months, its pretty neat. This past Saturday I had the privilege to baptize Zac! It was epically awesome!!!! We were both completely drenched hahaha.

How was Easter? Ours was pretty well. We read a lot from the new testament(John mostly) and went tracting!!!!!! Fun stuff right? lol

So yeah, I heard from Jordan! Her and Jesse are still going through some rough patches huh? Oh well, that's Jo!

Thanks for all the thoughts and wisdom you share with me and thank you for all the prayers. I love you so much and I am so happy to have you and Jaime as my parents. Give my love to the whole family and let them know I am doing well! Love, Your Elder Crawford

P.S- Have you had a chance to update the blog?

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