Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 6th 2013
Hello world, Hope you’re listening! Forgive me for not having an update last week. We have been so busy. We have had more baptisms and we plan to have more along the way! This coming week is going to be super stellar. We are hosting mini (prospective) missionaries and for a week they will be our companions. We are also going to Columbus to go see !MoTab! Then the following day is transfers, and so on. You see how busy I have been! We had a baptism last Wednesday night! It was exciting to see another spirit sibling enter the waters of Baptism and be cleansed from sin. We have another planned for the 15th. In this part of the mission, the work is progressing by storm! I’m certain I will be part of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission come July 1st. Thanks again for all the continued love and support! I hope all is well. Take care!   -Elder John Allan Crawford

Hey, I'm doing well! The baptism was awesome!!! It was also her birthday so it gave us a chance to goof off a little bit:) But, overall it was a spiritual and momentous occasion! How was the  trek? I still remember mine and it was amazing. I learned so much!!! Marks a TM, huh? Bummer! No matter what, Jaime will always be the Worlds Best Supervisor!!! So how did your first session go? I bet you did awesome! Thanks again for looking out for me, no joke, it means a lot. Just remember when life starts to consume you, Reading the scriptures and prayer go a really long way!
So this next week I will host a mini missionary and we are going to see MoTab! Pretty crazzy!!! Their is just so much going on. My Comps and other missionaries call me a baptizing machine, ha ha. I just try my best! We have a few more set for the 15th. Also, this might make you laugh! Last Friday, we had to take a mandatory bike day in our area. It had to be the day where there was heavy rain and it was gross. We biked 11 miles! On the way back to the apartment, I tried jumping a curb and biffed it. I slid on the wet asphalt for about 10ft. Surprisingly, I only scratched up my elbow. Oh the joy of bike days!
Well, I love you and hope to hear from you soon! Give my love to the family!
I also caught a snake hahah

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