Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hello my wonderful mom! 7 days of work!!!! Thats me everyday haha:) I am glad to hear you are doing well though. Today was pretty amazing. As a zone, we went to the Columbus Temple. My 2nd official endowment session. The Celestial room is always so beautiful. I love the feeling the spirit brings into my soul. So check this out, I am writing to a Sister missionary  who is serving in San Antonio, Texas. We were in the same District in the MTC. She is really out there haha, being on the Mexican border and all.

The work is still moving out here. We have another baptism this Saturday, for a 9 year old named Sophia. She is our little homie. Her brother is in the YSA branch we serve in so we know their whole family pretty well. I get along pretty well with the whole ward. The bishopric and branch presidency are pretty cool. Fairborn has a small town vibe for being a pretty big city.

You must be a good missionary when you dream about missionary work. This past month has been dreams about teaching people the gospel. Its pretty freaky haha. But I am still getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

Heres something new that I did. My zone leader, Elder Smith, and I wrestled last night for fun. Boy I am out of shape, becuase we were both gasping for air after. I love my zone and my district. We all bring variety to our meetings. They are always filled with fun and the spirit.

How is the family? What big news has happened these past few months that I have been gone? I love you so much and I pray for you guys all the time. When should I be expecting a care package from you guys? lol. Keep me posted and if you can, could you load up my debit card?! I am trying not to spend any more money from my personal account. Have you heard from Davonna at all?? You should try contacting her for me. I would love to hear from her!! Whenever I get bored or homesick ( which doesn't happen often) I like to re-read all the letters that I have received. I keep them all.

This Monday we are going back to yellow-springs as a district so I hope to have more pictures to send soon. Be prepared to see some funky pictures. We are a pretty weird district. ooh, guess what? This catholic girl named Melanie bought my a Rasta-style beanie. I think she is trying to convert us to Catholicism but its not working ha ha. Thats my updated report for this week.

I plan to write more Monday!!!! I love this work and the people I am working with. Its not easy but its not too hard!!! I love my calling to the MAX!!!!!!!! Take care and I hope this sees you well!

 Oh yeah, we went to visit Uncle Craig in Dayton. He is pretty cool but he is just as crazy as grandpa

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