Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hey! SO Much to say and not alot of time! Thats crazy that Ross and Paul are going but it will be a humbling experience for them. We are having another baptism this Wednesday night. The work is so great out here that I am practically speechless. I'm just trying to stay busy and be a good example. One of these days, I'm just going to do a picture splurge and take a mass amount.
Im glad to hear Jaime is doing awesome! Ward missionaries are our best friends!!!!, especially when they are willing to work! I used to teach that class every Sunday in my last area. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to sub the 15 -18 year old class in Sunday school. It really made me miss Seth and Yoko  Im glad to hear that they will be trekking soon. It was so tiring, yet so fun! They will enjoy it:) 

Congrats on landing the job! soon you be helping so many look good and feel better about themselves! Keep up the good work, and no your not a failure, your a MOTHER!!! I love you lots!

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