Sunday, June 16, 2013

May 1st 2013
Hello my wonderful friends and family! I hope all is wellJ
Being a missionary is so amazing! You get to see people’s lives change first hand! The Lord truly knows where he needs us! Today, I received news that I am being transferred out of the Fairborn and Dayton YSA area tomorrow. It’s very bittersweet! I have grown so close to the people I have met so far. After four and a half months (3 transfers) I guess it’s time to go.
The lord has truly blessed me in this area. With the help of my companion, and God of course, I have been able to help 7 of our brothers and sisters enter the waters of baptism and help them receive a remission of their sins! How cool is that?!?
Feel free to send any questions and/or comments you might have. I would love to hear from you! Thanks for all the love and support! May God bless!!!!!
                                                                                                Elder John Allan Crawford


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